Women Right's

  1. Every woman has a right to lodge a complaint in the police station , if she is forced to have sexual intercourse against her will (Sec. 376 of IPC).
  2. Every woman has a right to take legal action against any person who assaults or tries to outrage her modesty by any deliberate constant gesture or physical force(Sec. 354 of IPC).
  3. A woman has the right to lodge a complaint if she is being harrassed, even teased and passed rude remarks in public places like buses, trains, roads etc. (Sec. 354 of IPC).
  4. Every woman has a right to take legal action against her husband if she is being tortured both physical and mentally or tortured for not agreeing to the demand of money or valuables (Sec. 498(A) of IPC).
  5. If the relations of the husband of a woman or her mother-in-law or any other relatives, torture her and demand money, valuable articles from her parents, she can lodge a complaint against them. (Sec. 498(A) of IPC).
  6. If a woman has been kidnapped and either forced against her will to marry any person or to have sexual intercourse, a crime has been committed and she has the right to lodge a complaint. (Sec. 366 of IPC).
  7. any person demands or requests for sexual favours, passes sexually coloured remarks, or verbally or non-verbally conducts himself in a sexual manner to the woman at her work place, then she has the right to complain against this harrassment to her employer and the complaint would be lodged through as per procedure/guidelines of the Supreme Court. (Supreme Court judgement in Writ Petition No-666-700 of 1992 in Vishaka and others Vs State Of Rajasthan).
  8. A woman if she is a witness has a right to be examined in her own house in the presence of her close relatives(Sec.160 of Cr.P.C.).
  9. A woman should not sign the FIR unless she is satisfied that it is accurate. (National Commission for women).
  10. If the officer concerned refuses to register the FIR, a copy of the complaint should be sent to the Superintendent of Police immediately ( N.C.W.).
  11. Every woman has the right to take legal action by approaching the Court if the officer in charge does not take any action on the complaint(N.C.W.).

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